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iCodes isn't just a supplier of codes, we also supply affiliates with offers and homepage links via xml feeds. the feeds are used by affiliates to ensure their websites are up to date with all the latest codes, offers and merchants, giving them more time to do the actual promoting rather than gathering data to promote.

There are currently around 900 UK affiliates and 700 US affiliates using iCodes totaling around 18 million requests per month to the webservices.

The feeds are used on a wide range of sites such as Voucher Sites, Price Comparison Sites, Content Sites, iPhone / iPad applications and in news letters.

All the tracking is done via the networks in the usual way, so you still have the same control of which affiliates you do or do not want promoting your program. The affiliates have the ability to remove any merchants they are rejected from to ensure no dead links. 

If you are a merchant on an affiliate network it is extremely likely you are already included in the iCodes database regardless of if we are joined or rejected ourselves as an affiliate from your affiliate program.

The reason you will be included even if we are rejected is because it is the affiliates who populate the database and not iCodes, all this data is then shared by all affiliates who are subscribed.

The drawbacks of rejecting iCodes as an affiliate.

1 - We maybe unable to import your deals from the networks so affiliates will have to manually enter the data which will increase the risk of human error.

2 - We may not be able to test the links for accuracy which could lead to incorrect links being fed to your affiliates.

3 - A lot of affiliates now rely on our data alone to populate their sites, if we are rejected it is possible your deals are never promoted by a noticable percentage of your own affiliates.


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