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CouponPress is fully compatible with iCodes UK and US paid and free feeds.

CouponPress has new and improved built in integrations tools for iCodes allowing you to manage all your affiliate networks in one location and import all the coupons, offers, merchants and categories into your website with ease.

The import options include a basic import to manually import data, automated imports by cateogry, merchant, network etc, and a one click full automatic import which can be set to run hourly, daily or twice daily.

Not only does Couponpress make running a coupon / voucher site simple, it also looks fantastic out of the box with a nice professional looking theme.

Watch the video tutorial below to show how to get started setting up your Couponpress website to import from the iCodes webservices.

CouponPress Video Tutorial 


Please note - This is a third party script and so support via the iCodes ticket system is not included, however support via the iCodes support forum is available.

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