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Denovo Voucher Script (DVS) is an affiliate marketing tool you can install on your domain to market affiliated products/promotions/offers etc. as well as distribute vouchers to your visitors through the tool.

Right out of the box DVS comes search engine optimized and that means higher and better search engine rankings without any extra efforts. With the automatic page titles and meta tags, google and other search engines index your site better.

Download it, upload it, configure it and start referring customers to merchants and before you know it, your site is bringing in cash.

DVS is extremely simple to use. Once operational you can log in to the administrative panel and configure all aspects of the site from there. Not only are you able to add retailers, vouchers, offers and promotions but you can also add products to the site manually or by importing the affiliate feeds. DVS supports almost all affiliate network's feeds allowing you to add as many as 50,000+ products to your site in less than 5 hours!

Apart from other competitive websites, DVS has widgets that automatically analyze trends and display the most interesting retailers and products in order of popularity throughout the site, this results in easy access to the popular items for the visitors.

The administrator always has the option to promote certain retailers or products on the home page of the site. With the built-in support for Conduit's free toolbars your visitors can stay up to date with the newest offers from your site. The toolbar is extremely easy to setup and users are provided with the link to download and install the toolbar automatically after the self managed one step process.

Please visit Denovo Voucher Script - Home for a live demo of the software or Denovo Voucher Script - A complete solution for your voucher code site for more information on the features etc.

DVS also comes packaged with a free wordpress plugin that you can install on your wordpress sites to automate your blogs. Once automated your blog can display new and expiring vouchers/products/retailers as well as automatically make future dated posts which are published as configured. The plugin is totally configurable through the wordpress's administrative interface. Following is a quick overview of what the plugin can do
All urls are hijack safe and link to the owner's DVS site, thereby increasing traffic to the primary website.
Show newly added discounts/vouchers/offers with Retailer's name, short description and code
Show newly added retailers
Show expiring offers/vouchers/discounts
Show newly added products
Automatically post products/offers/vouchers/promotions as future published blog posts, the publish settings can be controlled as well
Configurable settings to allow site owner to classify how old a retailer/voucher/discount has to be in order to classify it as new or expiring
Wordpress admin can control the number of items shown on the blog

All URLs in DVS and wordpress plugin are masked to protect hijackers from ripping off your commissions. A recent addition to the script has been the support for "click to reveal" feature. Using this feature you can dynamically configure whether or not the visitor clicks on a button to reveal the hidden voucher code or offer.

DVS is updated on a regular interval and new features are added on a regular basis. It is also very extensible if any further development is required later on. Written in PHP it ships with the entire source code allowing you to contact developers of your choice and have them make modifications to your copy.

Technical specifications

Architecture Model View Controller
Frameworks CakePHP, JQuery, Prototype
Programming Language PHP 5.3
Database MySQL 5.0
Markup XHTML Search Engine Optimized
Languages Currently English and extendable to include others
Disk space requirement <100 MB

If you wish to discuss this script further please email

This script is brought to you by Backdoor Investments Ltd in association with Computed Synergy

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