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What is iCodes.
iCodes is an aggrigator of coupons, deals and basic homepage links.

How Does iCodes Aggrigate Data.
iCodes aggrigates most data from network feeds, any missing data can be manually entered by iCodes subscribers.

Is The Data Policed by iCodes.
No, the data is policed by everyone who uses the data.

Why Do Affiliates Use iCodes Feeds Instead Of Network Feeds.
Because iCodes feeds are more accurate, tidier, in a standardized format and more flexible than network feeds, plus a number of third party scripts are compatible with iCodes feeds.

How Does iCodes Make Money.
iCodes makes money via paid subscriptions, our affiliate id's on free subscriber feeds (50/50 clickshare) and our id's in feeds of those affiliates who have chosen to use iCodes affiliate id's on their 'not joined' merchants.

Can iCodes Promote A Certain Merchant More Heavily.
We distribute tidied up network feeds, we have no control over placement of the merchants on user websites, however if you add more deals to the network feeds then more deals will be imported by iCodes, and so you will get promoted more heavily.

Why Do Sales Using iCodes ID's Shoot Up and Down.
As explained above, our id's can be used on other users websites (optional), and if we are lucky enough to get our id's on a high performing page then we will make more sales using our id's, however if the user then joins the merchant themselves then those sales will use the users ID's and not iCodes ID's.

Does iCodes Know Exactly Who Uses iCodes ID's.
We can see which user is using iCodes ID's but we cannot track which websites they are being used on. The feeds can be used on unlmited websites from a single iCodes account.

Why Does the iCodes Website Generate Clicks But No Sales.
The iCodes website is designed as a tool for affiliates and not the general public, the majority of clicks you see refered from iCodes itself will be from affiliates using the iCodes service, and not someone wanting to purchase an item. This does not mean iCodes doesn't generate you sales, infact it's highly likely we are one of your largest drivers of traffic via the sheer amount of affiliate websites using our feeds.

Why Didn't iCodes Reply To My Email.
We try our very best to answer every legit personal email we see, however personal emails can easily be missed with the sheer volume of junk newsletter emails we get from merchants, network, agencies etc. The only way to guarantee a reply is to use the support ticket system and not an email.

Can We (the merchant) See Who Uses iCodes Feeds.
In the feeds we include the affiliates built affiliate url, these urls include the tracking id / click ref iCodes_  , if you have access to this data in your network control panel then you will see which of your affiliates used an iCodes feed, however some affiliates choose to build their own links using the data supplied in the feeds, so unfortunately if they do this then you will not be able to detect if they are using iCodes feeds or not.

Does iCodes Include 100% Of The Codes and Deals.
Sadly not, a lot depends on the network feeds, not all deals get into network feeds, not all network feeds are very usable, and most surprisingly not all networks have feeds. (If we are not joined or rejected then your deals may not be included in the feeds we receive) We also haven't yet got round to implementing all available network feeds. If you contact us regarding missing offers we will almost certainly try our very best to get them included, or give you access to add your deals manually.

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