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OiP PAYG - Official iCodes Plugin

A wordpress plugin to import codes and offers from http://www.icodes.uk or http://www.icodes.us into your wordpress website.

The functions are...

Import from last Record with Cron ability- (recommended way to initially populate and keep your site fully populated)
Import and Update by All
Import and Update by Category
Import and Update by Keyword

Delete by All,  by Category or by Expired

Note - Before importing please make sure you have inputted your affiliate id's and selected merchants via your login area otherwise the plugin will not import anything, or import with non working links.

Screenshot of Control Panel.. (New updated screenshots coming soon)

The problem with all other plugins is they time out whilst importing the offers, but this plugin has the ability to restart your import from where it left off using the Import from Last Record option, so no matter how poor your hosting, you will always be able to fully populate your website with 100% of the deals.

Once you site is fully populated then its just a matter of topping up daily by leaving everything "as is" and just press import once.

* Displays a live count of the deals in your feeds compared to the deals on your site, so you know exactly if your site needs updating or not.
* Updates previously imported data.
* Good for standard codes/offers sites or niche sites as you can import by category if required
* Works with most themes.
* Displays how many requests you have remaining.
* Link to purchase more requests.
* Design and upload your own buttons (optional buttons provided below)

The plugin is so simple and so effective there isn't much else to say about it. You click and it imports 100%.. and its 100% FREE

Download now >>> OiP PAYG v2.2


Right Click and save these buttons to your computer... (upload them via your OiP Control Panel)

Right Clcik and save button to your computer Right Click and save button to your computer

How the plugin works out the charges for imports..

Costs 10p per 1 request (requests are are imports of deals and purchased from iCodes.uk and iCodes.us), the plugin uses from 0.1 Requests to import 100 deals, and up to 20 Requests for 20,000 deals. So to initially populate your site from scratch with the full amount will cost around 2 GBP. But topping up daily shouldn't ever cost you more than 10p as that covers up to 1000 deals. If you select say 15,000 and it times out after say 3,455 you will only be charged for the 3,455 deals.

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