Taking Control of Your Own Codes and Offers

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Within our service we can give merchants, agencies and networks the ability to login and take control of your own data which is then distributed via xml feeds to all iCodes users.

The ability to do this is currently free simply by registering for a free subscription.

You must register with your company email then send a support ticket to request your account be upgraded to a merchant account.

The benefits of contolling your own data.

1 - Get your deals on hundreds of affiliate sites instantly (or the next time they import)
2 - Ensure all your deals are up to date and valid.
3 - Ensure all your deals are worded exactly how you want them to be worded.
4 - Easily and quickly make any alterations to your deals without having to inform affiliates to do it themselves.
5 - Delete any deals to remove them from the affilites feeds.
6 - Change or add to the categories you wish to be included in.

The best way to get all your codes and offers promoted.

Although a lot of manual work goes into the iCodes database, a large bulk of the offers and codes are initially imported via network feeds, so it is essential you include your codes and offers in network feeds if the network has this facility available.

Not doing the above will vastly increase the chances that your offers and codes are missed, and so never promoted by your affiliates, regardless of how many emails you send, how many tweets you make, and forum posts you write.

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