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iCodes is the largest deals feed supplier in the UK and US which most of the Voucher/Coupon Code sites now use in order to function.

We have the ability to flag certain codes as 'iCodes Exclusive', these exclusive codes will be included on our homepage, sitewide in the sidebar, and in all our users feeds just like any other generic code, but will also appear in their 'User Exclusive Code' feed along with their own personal exclusive codes (which are usually promoted above generic codes)

Unlike usual 'Exclusive Codes' these codes are not exclusive to just one affiliate, but exclusive to all iCodes subscribers, so giving us an exclusive code will ensure your business is promoted above your competitors who do not provide us with exclusive codes.

We have also created 'Javascript' and 'PHP' units to display only 'Exclusive Codes' ,  these can be promoted easily by our users without any coding knowledge at all, simply by pasting some javascript or a php snippet will get your exclusive codes on their websites instantly.

The 'Exclusive Codes' will also automatically appear on all our 'Free Downloadable' websites without any further input required from the users.

iCodes Exclusive Codes must give a better deal for the customer than your equivalent generic code, and preferably contain the word 'ICODES'

If you are interested in promoting your business with an 'iCodes Exclusive Code', please contact us.

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