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On some occasions we get support tickets saying that the feed isn't working at all, or certain data is missing which should be included, and in 99.9% of the cases it's been an issue with something at your end and haven't checked the actual xml feed at all. (mainly due to not knowing how, so just going on what is outputted on your site)

How to Check Your XML Feed

(Update 20/6/2011) // You can now easily check your feeds via 'Developers' > 'Generate Reuests' and use this tool to generate any webservices request which you can then paste into your browser to see the results.

Pre Update...

Go to 'Developers' > 'Webservices Examples'

Here you will see a list of example urls which contain your username and subscription id (and so your configuration), these are your feeds which your website can request to import into your own database or to use live.

To test a particular feed simply copy one of these urls (depending on what you need to check) and paste it into your browser, the feed will then load in an xml format.

If the feed doesn't contain the data you expected it to contain then it could be a fault at our end, but more than likely caused by a configuation setting which you have done via your iCodes login area.

If the feed looks fine then the issue has to be at your end.

Reason for an empty feed.
1 - You have added the parameter &Releationshop=joined but not selected any merchants as joined.
3 - You have exceeded your daily limit on FULL requests (you can check your usage via the homepage of your login area, this gets reset at 00:00:00 GMT.

Reaons for not containing your ids.
1 - You have not entered your affiliate id's
2 - You have not selected any merchants as joined.

Reason for containing unjoined merchants
1 - You are not including the parameter &Relationship=joined. If you are unable to add this parameter for whatever reason then putting all the unwanted merchants in the 'rejected' column will do the same job.

Reason for a small amount of data overall
1 - You have only selected a small amount of merchants as joined.

Reason for no codes for certain merchants
1 - Only a very small amount of merchants actually have codes, however if the merchant should have codes then you can add them yourself via 'Codes' > 'Add Code'

Reason why you cannot see your affiliate url
1 - Free Subscribers are on a 50/50 Click Share feed so these urls need to bypass iCodes to ensure the 50/50 ratio is not tampered with by the user.

You can still check to see if your affiliate urls contain your id's 50% of the time by clicking on the link and checking the "Store Loading Page" (this displays the transparent affiliate link used on that click)

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