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Codes and Offers Units are included in the ClickShare and Full iCodes Subscriptions (available to both UK and US)

Codes and Offers Units enable you to easily place codes or offers on your website by pasting either the Javascript or PHP coding snippets.

To create a unit simply login to your iCodes admin area and go to 'Units' > 'Codes and Offers'

Select Codes or Offers
Select Category or leave it as 'All Categories'
Type Keyword(s) or leave empty to show just new codes / offers
Enter Pagesize (number of codes / offers)
Enter number of Columns.
Click Show Code

Paste selected code into your website and the units will display containing your affiliate  id's on the merchants you have selected as joined in 'my merchants', and also update themselves with new codes / offers.

Javascript units are non indexable by search engines.
PHP units are indexable by search engines.

The units do not have a default stylesheet or template so can fit into any website design using your own template or stylesheet.

To Use Units in Wordpress
You can even place these units in your wordpress blog within your post itself or in the sidebar.

To place them in the sidebar paste the javascript in the 'Text / Html' widget then drag it over to the sidebar you wish to display it in.

To Use Units Dynamically
You can use PHP to pass variables into the javascript or php snippets to make the units automatically display content relevant to your page topic.

To Get an Exact Phrase Match
To get an exact phrase match place the keywords in "quotes".

To Display the Latest
To display the latest codes or offers simply don't include a keyword.

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