Difference Between Full and ClickShare XML Feeds

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The differences between the full and clickshare xml feeds are outlined below.

Full XML Feeds
 - Affiliate links go direct via the networks and so 100% transparent.

 - The network merchant id and deeplinks are included in seperate fields incase you want to build you own links.

 - Your affiliate id's are used 100% of the time on your joined merchants.

 - Unlimited PAGED requests and 30 FULL requests per 24 hours.

Clickshare XML Feeds
 - Affiliate links are redirected via iCodes first to enable the US 80/20 clickshare or UK 50/50 clicksshare

 - Your affiliate id's are used 80% of the time on your joined merchants. (4 Clicks for you, 1 Click for iCodes)

 - 25,000 PAGED requests and 10 FULL requests per 24 hours.

Both Full and Clickshare feeds require you to be approved to the merchants programs in order for your links to work and for you to be paid by the networks (we do not have anything to do with tracking or payments)

To re-assure you that your id's are actually used 80% of the time (US) or 50% (UK)  in the clickshare feed we have inserted a Store Now Loading page which displays the transparent affiliate link used on that click. If your id's are not used then it will be because you haven't selected any merchants as joined or haven't inserted your affiliate id's.

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