Download and Configure Framework Live

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Download a fully functional, auto updating, no database required code and offer website.

Step 1 - Download  Framework Live

Step 2 - Configure your framework script

Open config.php

//icodes details
$icodes_username="YOUR USERNAME"; 
$icodes_subscription_id="YOUR SUBSCRIPTION ID";
//end icodes details

//path to your script

//end path to your script

$region="uk"; //options 'uk' 'us'

$relationship="joined"; //options "joined" "" (if "joined" is not used all merchants will be included but use our id's on your not joined merchants)

$httpRequest="URL"; //options  'URL' CURL'

Open ajax_search.js

(edit line 32 and enter your site url)

var siteurl =;

//end path to your script

Step 3 - Upload your framework files using FTP software.

Trouble Shooting

If you get the error: (URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration) then edit line 14 in config.php to use CURL

$httpRequest="URL"; //options 'URL' CURL'

Please note - The framework sites can either be used to help you get started building your voucher code website, or for reference to see how to incorporate the webservices into your own websites. We will give support regarding the actual feeds, but not with the programming.

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