Invalid User

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The Invalid User error message can only be caused by any one or combinations of the following..

1 - Using an invalid / incorrect username
2 - Using an invalid / incorrect subscription id
3 - Using the incorrect location for the subscription (ie trying to use a UK feed with US details)
4 - The script you are using is set to the wrong location
5 - You have left a space at the end or beginning of your Username or Subscription ID.
6 - Your account hasn't yet been approved
7 - Your feed has been suspended

Note: As from 1st November 2015 all FREE 50/50 US clickshare feeds were suspended, these have been replaced by 80/20 Clickshare feeds at $5 per month. To unsuspend your feeds click 'update to a paid account' via homepage of your login area.

US Paid Clickshare is now 4 clicks for you, 1 click for iCodes.

Your username is the name you choose on registration.
Your subscription id can be found on the first page of your iCodes login area.

If you 'Generate new Subscription ID' this will need to be reflected in your website script.

You can test your username and subscription ID by copy/pasting a generated webservices request into your browser address bar, this will output the XML feed in your browser if the details are correct.


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