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If you haven't already done so, you are required to join the networks to obtain your affiliate IDs regardless of subscription type, then apply to the merchants on those networks. You then reflect your joined status in your iCodes login area in order for your affiliate IDs to be used in your links (not doing this could cause non working links and prevent commission being attributed to you)

iCodes has nothing to do with tracking of clicks / sales, commission or payments, all this is done via the affiliate networks, the links we use are network links containing your affiliate IDs on your joined merchants, just as they would be without you using iCodes.

You can update your feed configuration at any time as your merchant approval status changes (This ensures you get your affiliate id's on the merchants you are approved to as and when you are accepted).

Not all merchants have live codes or offers, but it's easier to apply to them all rather than just locating and applying to those with live codes and offers.

Note: Alternatively to the above you can use iCodes with Skimlinks and not have to join any networks / merchants.

Paid Subscription

The transparent affiliate links containing your affiliate id's are included in the feeds, when clicked they pass via the affiliate networks to track your referrals. 

ClickShare Subscription

The redirect links are inlcuded in the feeds, when clicked they pass via iCodes to generate the affiliate links alternating the affiliate id's between yours and iCodes on each click.  The final built transparent affiliate links then passes via the affiliate networks to track your referrals.

Please JOIN any of the following networks which apply to you...

affiliate future - (UK and US)

awin - (UK and US)

avantlink - (US)

commission junction - (UK and US)

linkconnector - (US)

linkshare - (UK and US)

paid on results - (UK)

pepperjam - (US)

shareasale - (US)

tradedoubler- (UK)

tradetracker - (UK)

webgains - (UK and US)

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