Manually Adding Offers

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Navigate to 'Offers' > 'Add Manual Offer' in your iCodes login area.

While adding offers to the iCodes database please take care in doing so, all offers are shared by everybody. No need to include an indepth product description, just the basic offer details will do.

If the offer isn't advertised with an end date just guess a realistic date, it can always be extended if the offer is still valid or expired if the offer has finished.

Do not include any affiliate links (we add these automatically)
Do not include any links containing session id's (clean links are required to ensure they work)
Do not include any html anywhere. (invisible line breaks are inserted automatically)
Do not submit any duplicate offers (you can see current live offers by scrolling to the bottom)
Do not duplicate the title and description
Do not include the merchant name in the title
Do not include expiry dates in the descriptions
Do not include "No Code Needed" text in descriptions.

The title is to catch the visitors attention with a short headline. (usually just naming the item on offer)
The description is to describe the offer in more detail.

Some offers which are supplied by the networks may include an ID instead of a deeplink, if this is the case simply copy the ID out of the affiliate link and paste it into the 'Deeplink' input box. (we then create the correct affiliate link automatically)

Manually added offers are exclusive to your feed.

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