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Good news, we have a new network added to the Icodes system - Mobiles4Everyone offer easy mobile deal comparison to large partners and small affiliates alike. This is how it works - Mobiles4Everyone take the feeds from around 20 mobile networks and retailers and combine them into one version (if you've dealt with contract mobile feeds before you'll know they can be complex and one handset or tariff can be called three different things, making comparison a nightmare). Joining Mobiles4Everyone is easy using this link here .
Your ID for Mobiles4Everyone will be your domain name without the www. (example - this can be the primary one you first register with or any secondary domains which they are happy to add to the account for you.
Although there are some exclusive voucher codes in the M4E feed from time to time, this feed is primarily for offers or deals. You may have noticed that voucher codes on contract phones are few and far between, aside from standard offers like free delivery, and so the best option is to display the top deals each retailer is offering. This is very hard to maintain due to the fast-changing nature of the business, so we're very happy to be able to offer the Mobiles4Everyone feed as a simple way to keep, say, the top deals from each retailer always up-to-date on that merchant's page. An offer unit can be set up to do this, just specify the retailer and the amount of deals you'd like to display and you can always have the top deals from such as on your page, or specify a random mixed merchant unit or a unit narrowed by keywords - simple.

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