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Official iCodes Plugin and Theme (Live Version)

..for a non live import version,  Click Here

A wordpress plugin and theme with no importing required to display codes and/or offers from.. 


and/or products from..


FlowerOffers.co.uk >> SummerHolidayOffers.co.uk
AllVouchers.co.uk >> VRShopper.co.uk >> PS4VR.co.uk

coming soon


Plugin >> http://uploads.icodes.co.uk/OiP_Live.zip (v4.1)
Theme >> http://uploads.icodes.co.uk/icodes_live.zip (v3.3)

Note:  In your iCodes login area please make sure you have selected merchants via 'MY MERCHANTS', input your affiliate id's via 'MY AFFILIATE IDs' and selected categories via 'MY CATEGORIES' to ensure the plugin works correctly.

Installation and Setup Instructions...

Plugins > Add New > Install and activate OiP Live
Appearance > Themes > Install and activate iCodes Live

OiP Live > Settings > Select location and insert (if required).. iCodes username and subID, Amazon affiliate ID and eBay PUB/CampID.
Appearance > Menus > Add the auto generated Home, Codes, Offers and Amazon pages to your menu. 
Appearance > Customize > Static Front Page > Set 'Home' as a static front page.
Settings > Permalinks > Set to Post Name

Make your site even better with these shortcodes > click here

How to create a Codes and Offers site in 10 minutes using OiP Live

 The video tutorial shows a niche travel site being created, this is achieved by selecting only travel related merchants and categories via your iCodes login area, if you don't want a niche site then simply select all merchants and categories via your iCodes login area.


Watch Demo On Youtube


How to create an Amazon only site in under 3 minutes using OiP Live

  If you want to use the plugin/theme as Amazon only (no icodes subscription required), edit your 'Home' page and replace the shortcode [homepage] with [amazon], and remove (if present) Codes, Offers and Amazon pages from your menu, and set OiP Live > Settings > Default Search > Amazon 

Watch Demo On Youtube

Trouble Shooting...

Q - The titles in the browser tabs are not working correctly.
A - Due to the way the plugin/theme works any SEO plugins may cause such issues.

Q - Navigation isn't working correctly, and CODES are not revealing.
A - Ensure you have PERMALINKS set to POST NAME

Q - I have other problems which are not covered here..
A - Most issues are caused after updating your plugin/theme when new options have been added, try pressing 'UPDATE' in your OiP Live > Settings to ensure any new additions are given the correct settings, failing that either contact us via the forum or support ticket.

Q - eBay links are going to home page.
A - This is becuase you have only entered the PUB or CAMPID, you need to enter both seperated by a back slash.. ?

Got a question? ASK HERE..

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