Pending Offers

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Pending offers are offers imported from the network feeds which have not yet gone live in the iCodes database.
The pending offers have already been through an automated tidying process before they appear in the pending list.
Before the pending offers go live in the iCodes feeds they also need manually tidying by a subscriber with relevant permissions.

For advanced users you get bulk editing tools such as Add Selected, Edit Selected, Remove/Replace, Append Text, Prepend Text, Copy Title To Description, Copy Description To Title, Remove After, Remove Before, Format Case and Swap Title/Description.

Any useless offers, ie expired, duplicated, junk can be TRASHED so they get removed and do not re-import.
You can undo editing mistakes by pressing DELETE, this allows the offers to re-imported again unedited.

If an offer is incorrectly trashed it can still be edited and entered from trash.

Pending Offers (Before being manually edited)

Pending Offers Not Edited

Pending Offers (After being manually edited)

Pending Offers Edited

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