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You can configure your feeds to include merchants with varying relationships via 'Configure Feed' > 'Relationship', and it is recommended you do this BEFORE you import.

The settings available are....

Default - Include whatever you have chosen in your script.
Joined and Not Joined - NOT JOINED (iCodes IDs) - JOINED (your IDs) - REJECTED (not included)
Joined Only - NOT JOINED (not included) - JOINED (your IDs) - REJECTED (not included)
All - NOT JOINED (iCodes IDs) - JOINED (your IDs) - REJECTED and SUSPENDED (non affiliated links)
Skimlinks - NOT JOINED (non affiliated links) - JOINED (your IDs) - REJECTED (not included)

If you do not select a relationship setting in your iCodes login area, or if your script doesn't include the relationship setting, then the default setting used will be Joined and Not Joined.

If you have multple websites and want a different relationship setting for each, then you will need to set your iCodes login area relationship setting as Default, and leave your script to decide the relationship setting for that website.

If you set the relationship in your iCodes login area this will override any relationship setting you have in your script.

The ALL and SKIMLINKS relationship settings are NOT available on the 50/50 Clickshare subscription.

Please Note - If your website imports into a database AND you are still in the process of joining merchants AND you are on a full paid subscription which uses the direct network links, then it is recommended you select the 'Joined Only' relationship setting. The reason being is your merchant relationships will be changing at the networks and your previously imported data will not be updated unless you delete everything and re-import.

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