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A common question is why do we only include the SAVE AMOUNT in the title of the CODES feed. ie "10% Off" and not "Get 10% Off at PC World".

The reason is simple, we want to make our feeds as flexible as possible.

If we used "Get 10% Off at PC World" then everyone who uses our feeds would be forced to have the same title.

Because we only include "10% Off", then you can have whatever you want by using....

(any text you like) + TITLE at MERCHANT NAME - for example.. "Use the Code to Get 10% Off at PC World"

MERCHANT NAME (any test you like) + TITLE - for example  "PC World is offering 10% Off"


And if we started adding addional text to the TITLE then those who had previously coded their sites to say "10% Off at PC World" would all change to "10% Off at PC World at PC World" and wouldn't be happy.

If you have purchased an off the shelf script and your titles only show "10% Off" this is because that is how your site has been coded.




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