Using iCodes with Skimlinks

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How To Use iCodes with Skimlinks

Login to your iCodes account...
'Configure Feed' > 'My Merchants' ... select all merchants as 'Not Joined'
'Configure Feed' > 'Relationship' .. select 'Skimlinks'

Merchants you set as 'Not Joined' will use 'non affiliate links' (these will then be converted by Skimlinks)
Merchants you set as 'Joined' will use the ID's you enter in 'My Affiliate IDs'
Merchants you set as 'Rejected' will not be included.

Possible Issues

Skimlinks needs to be able to read the links in order to convert them, so it is recommended you use standard linking methods only, and not use such as Javascript or iFrames to open links.

The Benefits of Using Skimlinks

In order to earn commission online you are usually required to sign up to the affiliate networks and apply to join the merchants within those networks, this can be a massive job to undertake from scratch. However there is a solution available named Skimlinks if you do not have the time to do this. (please contact Skimlinks if you have any questions regarding that service)

How Does Skimlinks Work

Skimlinks works by turning direct merchant urls into affiliate links simply by placing a snippet of javascript into your website coding, or alternatively use the Skimlinks redirecting API - so the JavaScript snippet
is not required, you can use it in your own redirect scripts. For full instructions and to sign up for free please Click Here.

Possible Drawbacks

In the iCodes feed the merchants url is a homepage link only, and so all codes and offers promoted without the provided affiliate link will only take the visitor to the merchants homepage, in most cases this is adequate for codes, but offers generally require a deeplink to take the visitor directly to the target page within the merchants site.

Although a seperate deeplink field is included in the feeds it's usually only an ID (depending on the network), or blank if it's a homepage link, and such deeplinks would not generate the url required unless used within a built affiliate link.

Important: The use of Skimlinks with iCodes is only allowed with Full Paid Subscriptions (NOT CLICKSHARE SUBSCRIPTIONS), any user using Skimlinks with the 50/50 clickshare subscriptions will have their accounts deleted.

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