Where Are Offers Sourced From

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We aggregate offers from network feeds, all users are entitled to these offers by default. We also include manually sourced offers, but for you to get these offer in your feeds you must help contribute towards adding them.

*A contributor is someone who has added at least 1 Pending Offer or Manual Offer in the past 14 days

Offers From The Following Sources Are Included as Default.

Pending Offers (offers imported then tidied manually from network and agency offer feeds)
eBay Offers (offers imported then categorized manually from ebay offer feeds)
Amazon Offers (offers selected manually and imported from Amazon feeds)
Autobot Offers (offers imported and tidied automatically from various feeds)

Offer From The Following Sources Included For *Contributors..

All the above offers PLUS...
Manual Offers (offers sourced and added manually which are not included in feeds we import)

Products From The Following Sources Exclusive to You..

eBay Products (products selected manually by you and imported from ebay product feeds)
Product Feeds (products selected manually by you and imported from affiliate window and webgains product feeds)

Product feeds (not offer feeds) generally do not include save amounts, and can contain untidy and long descriptions which are unwanted by some users. This is why we allow product feeds to be included exclusively to you if you want them in your feeds.

You can add manual offers via Offers > Add Manual Offer

You can view the last 14 days stats for each offer source via Offers > Source

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