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Terms and Conditions
Please read the following Terms and Conditions very carefully before subscribing to our service.

All testimonials are welcome, even if they include things you don't like about our service.

What Happens If Subscription Payments Are Cancelled
If you cancel your paypal recurring payments the following takes place.

User Permission Settings
Each user can be given different permissions irrelevent of subscription type.

How To Cancel Your Paid Subscription
Cancelling your Paypal recurring payments.

Do The Feeds Contain 100% Of Available Codes?
Have you found codes missing from the iCodes feeds?, surely not??

Change to the iCodes Concept
The changes currently being made to the iCodes concept.

The iCodes Server
What type of server is iCodes hosted on.

iCodes Owned Websites
List of iCodes owned website (mainly so we don't forget about them)

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