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Welcome to iCodes (established in 2008): we are a database of online deals which can be accessed via a powerful API containing merchants, voucher codes and offers taken from the top affiliate networks feeds, including start / expiry dates, titles, descriptions, categories, merchant IDs, program IDs, merchant logos, merchant urls and your built affiliate urls.

We automatically import and tidy the voucher codes and offers from the network feeds, then do further manual editing and categorization. Your affiliate IDs are then automatically added to the feeds ready for you to import directly into your website.

Important - Before using iCodes its required that you are joined to at least one network.


by assistall.co.uk

iCodes has been one of the most valuable tools we have discovered and implemented on Assistall. As a young start up, working efficiently and saving costs are both essential. With iCodes, we are able to save time and money with a clean and reliable data feed of our voucher codes.

We were originally setting up individual data feeds for each affiliate network, and then had to manually adjust the often messy, long or poorly written titles. iCodes now combines all of our affiliates into one feed, and each voucher title and description clearly explains each promotion.

iCodes is a great addition to any voucher code or deal website wanting to improve the quality of their vouchers, automate and simplify their data feeds, and also save time.

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