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For affiliates wanting unlimited access to the iCodes database via a powerful XML API.

The API contains tidied and standardized deals from network feeds for the merchants you select, containing your affiliate id's, click refs, deeplinks, merchant logos, merchant urls, merchant names, merchant id's, network names, categories, titles, descriptions, start dates and expiry dates

1 - Can be used with or without a database!

2 - Can be used on any websites you own.

3 - Place Voucher Codes and offers on your content website(s).

4 - Can run a fully functional and automatically updated voucher code and offer website.

5 - Keep your site(s) populated and updated with approx 4,000 merchants.

6 - Leaves you far more time to promote your website rather than wasting time populating it.

7 - Transparent affiliate urls on paid subscriptions.

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