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Welcome to iCodes (established in 2008), we are a central affiliate database which can be accessed via a powerful API containing merchants, codes and offers across from the following affiliate networks, including start / expiry dates, titles, descriptions, categories, merchant id's,program id's, merchant logos, merchant urls and your built affiliate urls.

Our technology connects directly to most affiliate networks which automatically imports and tidies the codes and offer details, we (and select users who have been given permissions) collectively do further manual editing, then submit each code and offer to the iCodes database, we then automatically add your affiliate id's ready for you to import directly to your website using free icodes scripts, or third party purchased scripts.

If we cannot import the deals from the networks for whatever the reason (such as us being rejected), you can enter your network API details and we can import the missing offers. You also have the option of adding a missing offer manually which will go exclusively in your feeds.

Instructions to get started

- Register for a UK Webservices account HERE - (£69.00 per month or £699 per year)
- Register for a US Webservices account HERE - ($99 per month or $999 per year)
- Login to your UK Webservices account HERE
- Login to your US Webservices account HERE

- Enter your affiliate id's and select which merchants you want to promote.

- (optional) - Use the very easy Units to place codes or offers on your existing websites.
- (optional) - Download the Free OiP Simple (Official iCodes Plugin and Theme)
- (optional) - Purchase the Clipper Theme/Plugin - (Turns your wordpress site into a code site)

Develop or convert your own site using the UK Webservices or US Webservices requests.

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