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Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Begins Game from Bargain Max

Welcome new fans. This is a portal to the monsters, magic, and heroes of the classic fantasy role-playing game. Players do not need any prior knowledge of the D D world or characters. With... Price: £17.49 (Price correct on 2022-01-08)...
Only 3 days left
Baby Annabell Little Play 36cm Doll Outfit from Bargain Max

The perfect outfit for fun in the garden, this sheep themed romper suit with hooded jacket and trainers will be loved by little adventurers playing with Baby Annabell. Includes turquoise jacket and... Price: £12.99 (Price correct on 2022-01-08)...
Only 3 days left
The Gruffalo Interactive 12 inch Plush from Bargain Max

The new Gruffalo Interactive Plush brings the stories to life in physical form, far more than a regular plush toy, with sound files from The Gruffalo film so loved by children. Snuggle up to this... Price: £25.99 (Price correct on...
Only 3 days left
The Gruffalo and Friends Zog and The Flying Doctors from Bargain Max

Go on an adventure with ZOG and the Flying Doctors and let your child play make believe in the wonderful world created by Julia Donaldson.Your child can use their imagination to teach Princess Pearl... Price: £21.99 (Price correct on 2022-01-08)...
Only 3 days left
PJ Masks Owl Glider from Bargain Max

“It's time to be a hero." Preschoolers can zoom to the rescue with the PJ Masks Owl Glider Hero Vehicle toy. The Owl Glider toy has super cool decor straight from the Disney Junior show and... Price: £11.99 (Price correct...
Only 3 days left
VIP Pets Mega VIP Pet Nyla from Bargain Max

It's time to take hair styling to another level with VIP Pets Mega Pet Nyla. She has 40cm of long and luscious pink flowing hair perfect to brush, style and accessorise to the max. Unravel her... Price: £33.99 (Price correct...
Only 3 days left
Na. Na. Na. Surprise Teens Slumber Party Lara Vonn Plush from Bargain Max

Welcome to the lifestyles of the plush glamorous. We've got a soft spot for great fashion, so whether we're hanging with our friends or walking the fuzzy carpet, we always look our best..... Price: £40.99 (Price correct on 2022-01-08)...
Only 3 days left
My First Bananagrams Game from Bargain Max

Bananagramsand is aand Scrabble-like game without the board that's much likeand Pick Two., but without the letter values. In the regular game, using a selection of 144 plastic letter tiles, each... Price: £14.99 (Price correct on 2022-01-08)...
Only 3 days left
Thomas and Friends 2 in 1 Training Bike 10" from Bargain Max

The perfect first bike solution. This bike takes the stress out of trying to decide which to buy - a bike with pedals and stabilisers or a balance bike?? This bike joins the two products into one. Take... Price: £44.99...
Only 3 days left
Bored X Skateboard from Bargain Max

Beginners skateboard with cool graphics and printed griptape. 79cm x 20cm (31" x 8"). 7 ply maple deck for advanced tricks. Flat decks allow maximum space for feet, enabling "boardwalking" and other... Price: £19.99 (Price correct on 2022-01-08)...
Only 3 days left
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